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Women’s proactive participation in public life

Women’s proactive participation in public life

Rethinking community development through women’s income-generating work, civic engagement and social life in public spaces

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) ranked India at 135 out of 146 countries in its Global Gender Gap (GGG) Index for 2022.


The gender gap reveals massive challenges in India around economic participation and opportunity for income-generating work, civic participation and political empowerment, educational attainment, health, survival and social wellbeing of women.


AeSha’s vision is to co-create grassroots action that meaningfully increases women’s proactive participation in public life.

What AeSha Does

We work with women from low-income settlements through public participation projects that support

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Professionalisation of income generating work for women

Mission - Civic Engagement.png

Community driven civic engagement and problem-solving on local issues

Mission - Social Life.png

A meaningful social life

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Grassroots Lab

Our research findings across sites and scale in India suggest a strong need to rethink sustainability of initiatives in the social sector. 

Grassroots lab approach is deeply founded on principles and methods of co-creation to unlock agency and ownership of the community.  


Co-creation for us, is a scientific, systematic process and practice, rooted in sociological approaches of research design. We co-design ways in which women initiate community development and explore their desires for a meaningful social and public life.


Our method is based on grassroots engagement that breaks the binary understanding of top-down and bottoms-up cultures of working for sustainable development. 

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