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AeSha’s vision is to co-create grassroots action that meaningfully increases women’s proactive participation in public life.


We work with women from low-income settlements through public participation projects that support.

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Professionalisation of income generating work for women

Mission - Civic Engagement.png

Community driven civic engagement and problem solving on local issues

Mission - Social Life.png

A meaningful social life



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A commitment to sustainable grassroots action through community-driven impact

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A strong belief in women’s ability to take decisions and participate in public life 

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Friendship for Solidarity

Making genuine long lasting relationships that bring collective support and togetherness


Team of AeSha

The work at AeSha is anchored by ‘Weavers’, who act as connections between different collaborators in specific sites and projects. Akin to the act of weaving, they bring community members together, connect knowledge of different AeSha members, and draw learning across the board for our grassroots lab.

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