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Yamuna Vihar

Approach and Method

AeSha’s work at Yamuna Vihar came at the heels of violence that families in Northeastern Delhi experienced in February 2020.

The violence led to the loss of lives, livelihoods, property and a lot more.  AeSha’s efforts at this site have been focused on helping women, particularly single earners of the family, to rebuild their lives.

Community Space.png

Building a
Community Space 

A community owned, collective livelihood centre for women to gather, form supportive relations and start rebuilding work to earn. 

Learning and Skill Building.png

Professional Learning and Skill-Building

Co-creating opportunities for innovative upskilling and specialised livelihoods to address the challenging economic conditions during COVID for 3 years.

Rebuilding Income Generating Work.png

Rebuilding Income-generating work

With a revived social life and a hope for growth, the centre as a collective space transitioned into giving birth to individual livelihoods suitable to market demand and socio-economic needs of women.

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