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Co-creating in our grassroots lab


The World Inequality Report 2022 found India to be amongst the most socio-economically unequal countries in the world.


Analysing data from global, national and local research conducted on socio-economic inequality in India, we found the need to dive deeper into two important challenges widely prevalent across rural and urban contexts - 

  • Status of women in society 

  • Challenges of trickle-down models of development

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Our Workscape

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In our research and on-ground work, we have found women’s economic participation, civic engagement and a meaningful social life in the public sphere as the three important dimensions that shape the axis of community development.

Our Approach

We choose sites - primarily slums and urban villages that meet the governance criteria of low-income urban informal settlements. We work towards weaving these sites as emerging working models that advance learning and engagement on sustainable community development. 

Our grassroots lab focuses on building methods and practices that go beyond the workings of top-down and bottom-up approach. We work towards co-creation of sustainability designs and grassroots action that keep women’s proactive participation in public life at the centre of socio-economic development of communities. 

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