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Bhatti Mines

Approach and Method

Sanjay Colony is a refugee settlement of erstwhile miners in Bhatti involved in construction work  and now seeking  safe and sustainable livelihoods. Starting work during the pandemic, AeSha has developed a grassroots lab with Bhatti Mahila Evam Bal Vikas Mandal (BMBVM), a local group of over 1000 women for sustainable development in the remote urban village.

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Women’s income generating work

  • Initiatives for women’s street livelihood that change neighbourhood character  

  • Experiments with sustainable models of self-employment for single mothers and survivors of domestic violence

  • Professionalising the work of BMBVM as a social and economic organisation working for community development

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Women’s civic participation

  • Community-driven research by women on the issue of water and its health cost for inhabitants 

  • Collaborative planning for advocacy with local bodies on public infrastructure development

  • Experiments with citizen participation strategy for infrastructure development before elections

A meaningful
social life

  • Conversations, meetings and recreation that speaks of an ethic of deep friendships   

  • Creating opportunities for cultural celebration of work milestones

  • Weaving psychosocial support that prevents social breakdown and fissures

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